Gillette X Makers Cafe

9 Sep 2016

The story

Gillette wanted to explore how they could reinvent the razor design using 3D printing technology. They partnered with the Makers Cafe, a 3D printing collective based in Shoreditch and launched a week-long design your own razor pop-up in Boxpark. Over 200 people ended up visiting a day, and it doubled on the weekends. The pop-up was an opportunity for Gillette and Makers Cafe to collaborate, chat with potential customers and help them turn their ideas and imagination into something physical. Highlights included creating a razor modelled on a giant squid and making a handle for a lady who was insistent on shaving her legs with a red rose!

Gillette X Makers Cafe


Discover what people really want from their razor


A 3D printed razor shop in BOXPARK


Over 3000 visitors and hundreds of unique razors designed

Gillette X Makers CafeGillette X Makers CafeGillette X Makers CafeGillette X Makers CafeGillette X Makers Cafe

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