The Hotline

7 May 2020

As a brand, you’re looking for solutions right now. You don’t need to hear any more about ‘uncertain times’, just advice on how to get through them.


We’ve set up The Hotline to offer a one-to-one service with our team. Think Apple’s Genius Bar for retailers. Whatever challenge you’re facing, our team will be on hand to share straight-forward advice on everything from marketing to design to HR, based on insights from our network of brands and retailers.

Whether your a global retailer or independent starting up, we want to give you access to our shared community knowledge and help you prepare for the ‘new normal’ – whatever that looks like.

Schedule a free call with our team for advice on any of the following:

Retail Strategy:Form a plan of action for when the lockdown is lifted with our concierge team, who have launched thousands of stores for leading brands from Netflix to Nike.
Opening stores: Advice from our Additions partners and on designing stores and setting up shop in an era of social distancing.
Marketing: A sounding board for your brand's marketing strategy and ideas for future initiatives with our CMO and marketing team.
Tech: Our CTO is on-hand to share knowledge and offer industry-leading support on any technical needs.
HR: From current challenges to planning for the future, examine your policies and strategy alongside our dedicated in-house team.
Legal: Discuss our cancellation policies with our in-house legal team.

Book your slot here.

What our brands have been saying:

“As a self-funded start-up and a sole founder of a social enterprise that partners with artisans living in refugee camps, it can be very hard to navigate in the easiest of times, let alone through a pandemic that has presented global economic and humanitarian challenges, within 4 months of our launch.

Having a sounding board and a temporary mentor during this period is frankly brilliant. Above all, it’s nice to know we are not in this alone and the kindness of someone offering up their time to help meant a lot.”

Hayfa Hamdan, Founder, Kannava

“At a time when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the implications of the lockdown for my business, Appear Here gave me a renewed perspective and enthusiasm... in under 30 minutes, they completely grasped my business and helped me gain clarity on where to focus my efforts for maximum results. They also followed up with more helpful resources and tactics I could implement right away.”

Selma Studer, Founder, Gong

“Our team at Browniegod found it incredibly useful talking to Gaston (CMO) around marketing our brand. In particular, brainstorming a marketing strategy to switch from selling at our market stalls to online.”

Xhenis, Founder, Brownie God