The Five at Five: Tiffany Bouelle

12 May 2022

From hidden-gems to places to people-watch, from bookshops to beauty spots – here is some inspiration, celebrating the independents in our local neighborhoods around the world.

This week’s selection has been curated by Tiffany Bouelle, a French-Japanese artist who lives and works in Paris. In her apartment-studio, she has built a universe of her own, drawing on the great themes of art history that she mixes with her own vision of abstraction, made of shapes and colors that tell stories.

Tiffany Bouelle

Tiffany’s work navigates and explores different themes: from travel, to the place of women in society, to the relationship to the body and social networks... She questions her subjects like a psychologist, who listens, and welcomes the word to then project it onto the canvas.


Tiffany Bouelle

“I am an absolute fan of pastries and I swear by Sadaharu Aoki cakes.

“When it comes to savoury food, you can often see me enjoy udon at Sanukya at Palais Royal Station or at Bleu Bao in the 9th, where my artwork is displayed.”


Tiffany Bouelle

“I love Le Progrès in le Haut Marais. There’s nothing good to eat there but it’s definitely the perfect spot to watch people because it’s a very crowded corner and you can see amazing street style every minute.”


Tiffany Bouelle

Ofr bookshop because they have independent magazines and vintage books about textiles, craft and fashion.”


Tiffany Bouelle

“There’s nothing better than a walk to the Bois de Boulogne, and a breath of fresh air after an intense week.”


Tiffany Bouelle

“I think Japan is crazy for shopping. There are so many cool brands with amazing fabrics, and I am also a huge fan of ceramics and pottery – there are so many nice little shops for that.”