The Five at Five: Julien Sebbag

26 May 2022

From hidden-gems to places to people-watch, from bookshops to beauty spots – here is some inspiration, celebrating the independents in our local neighbourhoods around the world.

This week’s selection has been curated by Julien Sebbag, the Parisian chef who recently caught the attention of The New York Times, thanks to his cheeky cooking videos on Instagram, which have led him to collaborate with some of the most high-profile restaurants and lifestyle brands.

Julien Sebbag

Last summer, he opened Forest, a concept restaurant inside the Musée d’Art Moderne that is named after his favourite song by the Cure. This summer his vegetarian spot, Creatures, will open again on the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. Interestingly, his dreams don’t stop at food: he’d like nothing more than to create a fashionable line of chefs’ attire one day.


Julien Sebbag

Caché is the kind of restaurant where time disappears. Situated at a dead-end in the 20th arrondissement, it's where you can eat Chef Sylvain's crudos, which will take your breath away. The wine is succulent, and you’ll find Oscar at the bar — his cocktails are always on point. This is a must-visit that will never disappoint.”


Julien Sebbag

“I like to imagine myself in the song 'People are strange', by Doors: I like to remove myself and observe. This is the place where I feel the whole society is represented.”


Julien Sebbag

“For music, I go to Balades Sonores. Where I grew up.”


Julien Sebbag

“Firstly, special thanks to my coach, Youhan. La Source Paris is my favourite gym, only in the 10 arrondissement of Oberkampf.”


Julien Sebbag

“Other than Paris, my favourite city to shop in is Tokyo.”