The Five at Five: DJ Fat Tony

23 Jun 2021

From hidden-gems to places to people-watch, from bookshops to beauty spots – The Five at Five offers some post-lockdown inspiration that celebrates the independents.

This week’s selection has been curated by DJ, producer and owner of streetwear label, Arrogant Hypocrite, Tony Marnach – aka DJ Fat Tony – who sheds light on his favourite spaces London Town has to offer.


Described by GQ Magazine as “the closest thing British club culture has to a national treasure,” Tony is set to release his memoire to the public soon. And if his undeniably hilarious meme-filled Instagram account (@dj_fattony_) is anything to go by, we’re sure his trip down memory lane will be as funny as it is revealing.


A Wong is a two-Michelin starred Chinese restaurant in Pimlico. Every time you go there the food is so exquisite. Andrew Wong is ever evolving the menu so every dish you try transforms into something even better the second time around.

It’s a family run business and always makes you feel like it’s a family run business… like you’re always welcome. It’s nice to have seen them grow and achieve their accolades over the years.


Sitting outside Joe & The Juice on Old Compton Street is pretty special. But it can be time consuming because everyone you know is almost guaranteed to walk by within the 10-15 minutes you sit there. Soho never gets old for people watching.


Foyles of course. Hands down, always. It’s one of those places you can get lost in for hours. You’re almost guaranteed that they'll have the book you’re looking for, if they don’t they’ll bring it in.

I was out of my depth the first time I went… Suddenly it became like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as I was roaming all the floors, building up excitement about getting a new coffee table book. I assume it’ll be even more exciting when they have my book in there.


The Cowshed at Soho Farmhouse is my favourite. It’s a part of the Farmhouse but you can get all your spa needs met. I book a massage every day when I’m there over Christmas. It’s the best atmosphere to wind down and chill out.


My favourite city to shop in is London, obviously.

It used to be New York but the more I’ve grown up, the more I realise I don't need to go to NY to shop when half the stuff there is from London anyway. I love to shop and, if I could do so every day, I would.

I still get a real high from shopping which probably isn’t a good thing hut hey ho. Thank god for seasons.