The Depop guide to Gen-Z marketing

6 Aug 2020

Alongside the rise of Gen-Z, a new generation of community-focused, digitally-native brands have emerged. Now at nearly 20 million users, Depop is widely regarded to be at the forefront of this movement: effortlessly combining community with creativity. It’s an ideal platform to start out, but how can you stand out? How can you make the most of this new platform?

For our latest Masterclass, we sat down with Oskar Platts-Palmer, Seller Acquisition Manager at Depop along with Lucy & Yak, one of the platform’s top sellers. Read on for their tips on using IRL and URL to expand your brand.

Boost sales with product photography

For a brand making its Depop debut, Oskar noted product photography as a way to stand out and make sales. The app’s main demographic is a creative audience of 15 to 25-year-olds, so consider what kind of photography will get them interested in your product – don’t be afraid to get imaginative. “Photos are the heartbeat of Depop,” Oskar told us, “it’s a great way to show off your brand identity. It’s like a shop window on your phone.”

He gave Masterclass attendees a few insider tips to execute the best product photography. “Nothing beats showing off your item with a model shot, but the next best thing is a neat flat-lay of your product. Whatever you do, ensure consistent identity – it shows you’re a professional brand.” He also recommended using several photos on a listing instead of just one, which will increase its chance of selling by 20%.


List and promote your items strategically

Many brands who are branching out on Depop can feel a bit daunted when using an app, but Oskar announced that they have just released an online function to list their items. On here, you can list items and post them at peak listing times. These are: evenings between 7 and 10 pm, weekends, payday and student loan drops. It’s also important to edit your listings frequently to improve visibility on the platform.

Now that the listing is up, it’s time to promote. Make sure your keywords are relevant to drive traffic, whilst also considering the buyer and how you should communicate with them. Telling your brand’s story is a great way to get visitors engaged. Take Lucy & Yak, whose sustainable and ethical message is at the heart of their comms: “Think about what message you’re putting out as a brand,” they advised, “find what your brand’s purpose is beyond selling a product.”


Get involved with Depop’s seller programs

“Our community comes first,” Oskar proudly told the Masterclass. “When they succeed, we succeed.” Depop have launched several programs to support their community of young entrepreneurs, including ‘Top Sellers’ like Lucy & Yak. If eligible, sellers can get verified, an account manager and customer service – crucial to taking their Depop store to the next step.

If you’re already on Depop but aren’t ready to take the leap yet, Oskar also told us about their Level Up Program and Mentorships. More and more creatives are considering Depop as a legitimate career path, so there are also avenues into the platform for first-timers, as well as small businesses who want to expand onto the platform. Lucy & Yak recounted just how pivotal Depop was to their business. “We sold 36,000 items through them,” they recalled, ”it was the perfect platform to sell clothes and create a community – the community was already there.”


Use online and offline activations

Although Depop started out as an app, Oskar told us that significant brand growth is often the result of on and offline activations used together. For instance, The Depop Market featured 50 sellers who were able to connect with their audience IRL. When they directed customers back to their online stores via QR codes, they saw an average increase of 77% in sales. “Having multiple revenue streams is key,” Oskar reiterated, “users can promote their brand across platforms.“ The Lucy & Yak team echoed this, having opened several pop-up stores to elevate their online presence: “Through our first long term pop-up, we were able to test out the market and bring the brand to life. Because it worked so well for us, we’re now looking to launch a permanent store.”

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