Space for Ideas: What the judges are looking for

28 Jan 2019

Our Space For Ideas competition is back for 2019. By entering, you could potentially win your own store in London, Paris, New York or Los Angeles, working with a top design agency to transform the space into something that truly brings your idea to life. Here’s what our judges are looking for from the winners.

An innovative concept: Entrants must make it clear how they will bring something new and innovative to the store and city. We are looking for ideas that are unlike or better than anything else on the streets.

Having the right attitude: “We’ll be looking at the people running the store as much as the concept for it. As judges we will be asking; why will you, or your team, be best placed to execute this?” says judge Dylan Jones, editor of British GQ. This means showing you have a clear idea of how the store will operate on a day-to-day basis is imperative. You must convince us you’re ready to put everything into your store to ensure it’s a success.

Dylan Jones

Create an emotional journey: Entrants should think about all the emotional touchpoints with their customers. How will you create a memory that stays with them long after they leave your store? How will you engage all the five senses? How will you connect your customers on a human level?

Put customers first: It's also crucial for entrants to demonstrate how they’ll deliver exceptional service in store. Space for Ideas judge Jeff Raider, Co-founder of Harry's, said: "As a brand built on putting people first and delivering against real unmet consumer needs, Harry's learned pretty quickly that growing into a true omnichannel brand with a strong physical retail presence was a crucial step if we wanted to deliver the best customer experience possible.” How will your store deliver the best experience possible for your customers?

Jeff Raider

Showcase the theatre of retail: “I want to see ideas that embody the need for human experience and showmanship,” says judge Stefan Holwe, co-founder of Horizn Studios. “Retailers are defined not by what they sell, but the experience they promise, and we want winning ideas to reflect that.” In other words, your concept should deliver on theatre and experiences that go beyond the norm.

Stephan Holwe

And lastly, here are some essential tips on how to make your entry stand out.

  1. Make it visual: Try to include product shots, campaign images or lookbooks. Our judges will want to see a strong visual identity.
  2. Give the bigger picture: Including links to all your social media handles and website isn’t essential but it will help our judges get the bigger picture for your brand.
  3. Day one or one day: Don’t worry if you haven’t launched yet, just include as much detail as possible in the description. Make this day one.

Apply to win your dream store: Space for Ideas