14 Dec 2020

1/3 of British born and bred brands will be gone by March. That’s 10. Weeks. Away.

Save The Street

In dealing with a novel coronavirus, reactive policy making is one thing. It’s entirely another when retailers and hospitality are almost a year into a devastating pandemic, and the best Gov can muster is kicking the can down the road, yet again.

21,000 stores are set to close this year, with independents accounting for half. We’ve launched a nationwide #SAVETHESTREET campaign on behalf of our community – not only to highlight their struggles, but to do something about it

Financial aid for indies is often too little, too late. It’s a story we’ve heard about, read about, time and again.

We know the problems, and we need solutions. Here’s what we’re campaigning for:

· A call on government: Supermarkets are returning nearly £2bn in business rates. That’s a windfall we’d know how to spend. We are asking the government to extend the business rates break so indies can plan for the future.

· Shop local: Indies need our support. Half of small business owners say if everyone in their community spent £5 extra per week, it would help them keep their doors open in the long run. Government can help by creating a stimulus package for independent retail to get people shopping in stores again, once restrictions are lifted.

· Launch a store: We’ll be rallying our network to create a new support package for first-time retailers.

£1 spent in your neighbourhood is worth 400% more to the local economy than £1 spent out of it. Independents have an outsized impact in the areas they serve. If they thrive, we all thrive. It’s time government support reflects that.

We know. We’re preaching to the choir. But it’s the pulpit that we’re looking to share.

Got something to say? Tell the Gov what they can do for you. Want to show your support? Sign the open letter. Sharing is caring, spread the word.

Join in the fight to #SAVETHESTREET, because these streets? They’re ours. And we’ll be gutted when they’re gone.