How to win Space for Ideas

17 Jan 2020

Our Space For Ideas competition is back for 2020. By entering, you have the opportunity to win your own store in London, Paris, New York or L.A., alongside the services of a top design agency to bring your idea to life. Here’s how to create a winning application.

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What information will I need to provide?
Good entries will include personal stories, links and as much detail as possible.

-How did the founder come up with the idea? What’s the story behind the brand
-What are the brand’s mission and values
-How will the store look and feel, what will happen inside?
-What has the brand done so far? Share social media, website, press articles, mood boards and product shots

Ok got it. But is there anything else to give me an edge?

Yes, our judges are looking for three key things: ideas that bring value to our streets, ideas that create culture and ideas with the potential to define the decade. Here’s what you should think about:

Why will people take notice

Make it clear what you plan on doing differently or doing better than what’s been done before. Is there a new trend you’re pioneering? Are you using new materials, ingredients or technologies – and why does it matter? What will make people take notice of your store? We are looking for ideas that are unlike anything else on the streets.

Sell the person behind the idea

For our judge, Dylan Jones, editor of GQ, one of the most important factors will be the person behind it all: “We’ll be looking at the people running the store as much as the concept for it. As judges we will be asking; why will you, or your team, be best placed to execute this?” You’ll need to convince our judges you’re the best person to deliver on your vision and mission.

Take us on a journey

Successful entries will cover all the emotional touchpoints. How will you engage all the five senses in your store? Walk us through the store, how will the space adapt as customers journey through it. Describe how you want them to feel and react, and demonstrate how you’ll deliver exceptional customer service

Showcase the theatre of retail

Great retail is not just about selling it’s about creating communities, delivering emotional experiences and creating inspiration. We want winning ideas to reflect that. Think about how you can push the boundaries of retail. Don’t hold back, we’ll be pairing you with a leading design agency to help you execute your vision.

Apply to win your dream store