How to increase sales for my online store?

3 juin 2020

As an emerging business, it can be difficult to stand out online. Unless you can afford to pay the rising cost of digital advertising, it’s challenging to increase sales and grow a customer base online. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to try something different. Enter a new generation of brands, who are utilising temporary retail space to drive online sales and grow brand awareness.

From streetwear to travel, here are four brands who used brick and mortar to achieve their business goals, on and offline.



Founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, skate label RipnDip had a global website from their early days but were lacking in substantial sales in Europe due to a lack of brand awareness. Instead of maxing out on an advertising campaign, he took his brand straight to the skating community, launching three RipnDip stores across Europe. The buzz caused by the temporary retail space caused a significant increase in sales from fans who wanted to be a part of the moment. The pop up space also received coverage online, from Hypebeast to Highsnobiety.



When luggage brand AWAY launched in 2016, they didn’t want to be just another online brand. They knew that if the customer could experience their innovative product in real life, they’d see considerably more sales than they would online. So, they launched with a three-month pop up space in New York, followed by another in London. By introducing customers to their brand in real life, they saw more footfall and sales in their brick and mortar than they ever would have digitally.


Paloma Wool

Before launching her first store, Paloma Wool was already a big name on Instagram, amassing over 100,000 followers with her art-informed fashion design. However, it wasn’t until she decided to take her vision into brick and mortar that her brand really took off. Taking the label ‘on tour’, Paloma Wool popped up in New York, London, Berlin and Barcelona. Not only did she see a surge in footfall and sales in her pop up space, but her online engagement saw an increase of 165%.


Daily Paper

Amsterdam streetwear brand Daily Paper wanted to test out the UK market, but instead of paying for expensive online advertising, they used a retail store to break into the London fashion scene. By utilising a retail store, they were able to immerse passers-by in the world of Daily Paper, significantly growing their customer base in London’s Shoreditch area. The proof was in the stats: UK sales increased by 300%, and they saw a 500% increase in UK visitors to their website. A masterclass in using brick and mortar to drive sales on and offline.

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