Sharing Shop Space

20 Feb 2014

Sharing shop space is often a great way for brands at the start of their journey to tap into prime retail areas for a price they can afford. If you hadn’t considered sharing a shop before here’s a quick blog post on the key benefits, our top tips for making it happen, and some great collaborations we’ve witnessed along the way.

Key benefits:

1 - SAVE

On the most basic level by splitting the cost between the number of people involved you can make doing a pop up shop a cost effective option. It also means you may be able to take on a prime property in a central area.


Many hands make light work, and the more people you have working together the easier it is to get the job done. Whether your task up the design and fit, or take different shifts to run the shop. Sharing space helps you maximise work hours and productivity.

3 - Outreach

By working with other brands you benefit from tapping into their following too. Think strategically about who you team up with. Do you have similar target audiences, will you be offering their followers something new? How will you compliment each other in the space.

The Church of London collaborated with Little White Lies, Huck Magazine and Cafe Pod Coffee, transforming a space in Old Street Station.

Top Tips:

  • Make sure you know and trust the brands you’re working with. Approach like minded brands. Talk through what you want to achieve from your pop up and make sure you both aligned with goals and respectful of each others.

  • Assign responsibility. Either nominate one person to sign the lease who will then take on all legal responsibility for the shop or use a Joint and Several liability contract which shares the responsibility amongst everyone named.

  • Create a full proof launch plan setting clearly who is responsible for what. Remember to keep track of all the costs along the way.

  • Plan promotion and PR well in advance of opening and utilize the power of your shared groups network to spread your message further.

Perfect Partnerships:

Percival X TrekstocK

Menswear brand Percival collaborated with Trekstock, the charity that raises funds & awareness for research into cancers that affect young people, for a one month pop-up shop in Earlham Street, Seven Dials. Alongside a series of events, a selection collaborative ‘Trekstock x Percival’ pieces were be available to purchase, with 50% of all proceeds donated to Trekstock.
Percival Clothing


Miss Cakehead & Kraken Rum

Miss Cakehead, famous for her grisly cake creations, turned her attention to flowers for one day only, Valentine's Day. Collaborating with Kraken Rum, they sold swapped soppy champagne and bouquets for a more macabre offering - think grave vases filled with black roses and a bottle of rum. It got some rave reviews in the press by offering a darker, sharper alternative to the usual Valentine day schmaltz.
Design Week


Tokyo Bike and Good & Proper Tea

Good & Proper Tea spotted a need for a good cuppa in Shoreditch. While the coffee contingency is well catered for, tracking down a cup of tea that hits the spot is another matter. Enter Good & Proper, filling the void they’ve moved into the independent bike store, Tokyo Bike. Serving up tea & home made cakes alongside special tea tasting events this is for bike lovers, for tea lovers, and a great environment to take a break in.
Tokyo Bike UK


East Club & Bailey Nelson

Designer menswear brand, East Club teamed up with ever-so-stylish glasses company, Bailey Nelson to occupy a shop on the Kings Road. Both brands pride themselves on creating high quality products with timeless design. Together they turned an empty shop in Chelsea into a stylish menswear boutique, that complimented both brands and made the perfect place for a dapper gent to clothe himself from top to toe.
Bailey Nelson
East Club


Matilda & Quinn and Peponita Shoes

Designer womenswear brands Matilda & Quinn and Peponita Shoes decide to collaborate and take over a space just off Oxford Street alongside the boutique brands of South Molton Street. Both Matilda & Quinn, and Peponita Shoes, offer affordable luxury designs and used their shop to showcase their latest collections alongside limited edition styles. With Matilda & Quinn's multi-scenario dresses making a perfect match for Peponita's vintage style, walkable heels.
Matilda and Quinn


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