West 14th, Meatpacking District - The Latticed Space

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2500 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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Covid-secure cancellation policy

In the event of a government imposed lockdown, the Premises is subject to the Appear Here COVID cancellation policy as detailed in the Appear Here Website Terms of Use. Read more on our policies here

A little about this space

For over a decade, the District has been a fashionable destination with its high-end shopping, trendy restaurants and bars, and chic hotels set among cobblestone streets and mix of old and new architecture. In recent years, the area has been a prime location for brands to open flagship stores with an edge, pop-ups, or special installations to reach upscale shoppers, tourists, and influencers that frequent the area. This vast space with its large glass awning is perfect for crowds to gather and appreciate your brand.


3 days minimum booking


Discounts may apply when booking a week, a quarter, or more than a month.

Amenities (8 available)
Wheelchair accessible
Fitting rooms
Home truths
There aren’t many drawbacks to the space, except maybe too much exposure. Be prepared to exhibit along other renowned brands.
Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Weekend: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Space rules
TPA is required if occupancy will exceed 75 people at one time. No permit is required for lines on the street outside.

Insurance requirements:
$1,000,000 per occurrence $2,000,000 aggregate General Liability
$2,000,000 Umbrella Liability
$1,000,000 Workers Comp/Employers Liability

The catering company hired to handle catering and bar will apply for a temporary license to serve alcohol and the company will also have liquor liability insurance. They will provide the requested auto insurance via the carrier/delivery company that will deliver any items that go into the space. The tenant will be providing a COI that will include all of the above.

Rules and Regulations of the space are provided to the tenant by Appear Here prior to confirming the space. PDF titled "401W14 Rules & Regulations". The tenant is in breach of contract if rules are not followed and proper insurance is not required.

The Licensee will at all times maintain, in respect of the Premises, Insurance cover for commercial
general liability, product liability and employers liability and at the request of the Landlord to
give to the Landlord, a copy of the Licensee’s insurance policy. Without limitation of the
(a) Licensee shall obtain and keep in full force and effect during the Term the insurance in
such amounts no less than as reflected on Schedule 1.19 annexed hereto, at its sole cost and
expense. All of such policies shall name Landlord, its Mortgagee and property manager and any
other party reasonably requested to be named as additional insureds and shall contain
provisions that the policies shall be non cancelable with respect to Landlord and mortgagees, as
applicable, unless thirty (30) days prior written notice (but only 10 days for non-payment of
premiums) of cancellation shall have been given to such parties.
(b) On or prior to the Commencement Date, Licensee shall deliver to Landlord appropriate
certificates of insurance. Evidence of each renewal or replacement of a policy shall be delivered
by Licensee (and by the insurer in such manner as may be commercially available from such
insurer from time to time) to Landlord at least ten (10) business days prior to the expiration of
such policy.
(c) Landlord and Licensee hereby waive any and all rights of recovery against the
other, or against the officers, employees, partners, agents and representatives of the
other, for loss of or damage to the property of the waiving party to the extent such loss or
damage is insured against under any property insurance policy carried by Landlord or
Licensee hereunder. In addition, the parties hereto shall procure an appropriate clause
in, or endorsement on, any fire or extended coverage insurance covering the Premises,
the Building and personal property, fixtures and equipment located thereon or therein,
pursuant to which the insurance companies waive subrogation or consent to a waiver of
right of recovery and subject to obtaining such clauses or endorsements of waiver of
subrogation or consent to a waiver of right of recovery, hereby agree not to make any
claim against or seek to recover from the other for any loss or damage to its property or
the property of others resulting from fire or other hazards covered by such fire and
extended coverage insurance; provided, however, that the release, discharge,
exoneration and covenant not to sue herein contained shall be limited by and
coextensive with the terms and provisions of the waiver of subrogation clause or
endorsements or clauses or endorsements consenting to a waiver of right of recovery.
1.20. The Licensee will allow the Landlord, on at least twenty four hours’ notice, to enter the Premises
for the purposes of inspection and for any other reasonable purpose, save in emergency, when
no notice shall be required.
1.21 Without limitation of any other indemnity obligation from Licensee hereunder, Licensee shall
indemnify and save Landlord and its members, managers, principals, officers, agents,
employees, affiliates, and the successors and/or assigns of each of the foregoing
(collectively, the “Indemnitees”) and each of them harmless from and against (i) all
claims of whatever nature against the Indemnitees and/or the Premises (including,
without limitation, with respect to environmental matters and/or hazardous materials and
the remediation thereof) arising from the conduct of any business therein, or any work or
thing whatsoever done, or any condition created in or about the Premises during the
Term or any act, omission or negligence of Licensee, its contractors, licensees, agents,
servants, employees, invitees or visitors, (ii) all claims against the Indemnitees arising
from any accident, injury, damage or other occurrences whatsoever caused to any
person or to the property of any person and occurring during the Term in or about the
Premises, (iii) all claims against the Indemnitees arising from any accident, injury or
damage occurring outside of the Premises but anywhere within or about the real
property at which the Building is located, where such accident, injury of damage results
or is claimed to have resulted from an act, omission or negligence of Licensee or
Licensee’s agents, employees, invitees or visitors, and (iv) any breach, violation or
nonperformance of any covenant, condition or agreement in this License set forth and
contained on the part of Licensee to be fulfilled, kept, observed and performed. This
indemnity and hold harmless agreement shall include without limitation indemnification
from and against any and all liability, fines, suits, demands, costs and expenses of any
kind or nature (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and disbursements) incurred
in or in connection with any such claim or proceeding brought thereon, and the defense
thereof. If any claim, action or proceeding is made or brought against any Indemnitee,
which claim, action or proceeding Licensee shall be obligated to indemnify such
Indemnitee against pursuant to the terms of this License, then, upon demand by the
Indemnitee, Licensee, at its sole cost and expense, shall resist or defend such claim,
action or proceeding in the Indemnitee’s name, if necessary, by such attorneys as the
Indemnitee shall reasonably approve. The provisions of this paragraph shall survive the
expiration or earlier termination of this License.
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