Williams Avenue - The Black and Red Building

New York, NY

2,000 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

Williams Ave. is the grittier and industrial New York that older New Yorkers are familiar with. It lies in East New York, a working class neighborhood that has yet to be affected by bubbles of gentrification that has taken over other parts of Brooklyn This two-floor retail space for rent with a stand-out black storefront has an elegant skylight and roof access.

1000 day
5000 week
15000 month
Amenities (4 available)
Fitting rooms
Security shutters
Stock room
Wheelchair accessible
Home truths

The area attracts high crime activity, but it's slowly starting to change as low rents in the neighborhood are bringing in young professionals and artists. It's not the most happening of streets as far as Brooklyn is concerned, so shout a little louder about yourself to make sure you're heard.

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