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Piccadilly Station - Unit 4


50 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


Shop Share


A Little About This Space

Showcase your idea in one of the UK's busiest stations. The floor to ceiling windows mean you'll be able to expose every inch of your idea to the millions of commuters who pass through the station every day.

The space is roughly 50 sqft, though what it lacks in size it makes up for in exposure. It's advantageously placed facing the top of the main escalators in Piccadilly Station, which delivers a steady stream of commuters and tourists right to your shop door.

Depending on availability and numbers of stock, storage can be provided. When booking this space it's also possible to book showcase space in the station. This is an incredible opportunity to maximise exposure, and is only available to brands also booking a retail unit. View the showcase space here or speak to your concierge for more information.


  • Lighting
  • Security system
  • Wheelchair accessible

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Rules of The Space

As the property is underground and in a space used heavily by the public, there are a few more rules to follow than most spaces.

Special conditions for lighting - details available upon request.

Special conditions for painting/fixing to the walls - To paint on the inside only Dulux matte (waterbased) can be used, no oil based paints can be used.

If you want to lay down extra/additional flooring there are special rules to follow - details available upon request from the Landlords technical team, please note that this can take up to 48 hours and they will need to know what you are looking to do. Please notify Customer Services at Appear Here of your intentions or by writing it in the booking form and they will help by contacting the Landlords team.

Contractors will need to be registered 2 weeks in advance to gain access to the site. Therefore if you have handymen or other professionals performing such activities, please make note of this.

Changing the physical layout of the space (e.g. putting up walls) can result in approvals taking up to and above 28 days.

No amendments to the Listed Brass window features nor the marble on the exterior.

Fire Risk Assessment to be completed - Please request a copy from Customer Services, they will be able to provide you one.

Avoid use of timber unless freestanding and treated - certificate to be provided to prove treatment.

Home Truths

The door's a little stiff to open

The ceiling is slightly rough (but barely noticeable)

As the property is in a space used heavily by the public, there are a few more rules to follow than most spaces.

Piccadilly Station is a section 12 classified station which means that all fit-out building works to the space will need to be signed off by the Transport For London retail implementation team.

Due to the space being in an underground station, it is recommended that stock is covered overnight to protect from dust blowing up from the tracks.


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