Galerie Duplex de Beaubourg

Le Marais, Paris
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120 m2


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

Framed by the Centre Pompidou and the Forum des Halles, the southern part of the Marais brings together locals and tourists who share a love for culture and shopping. What could be more Parisian? This is a long, narrow shop with all-glass at the front and a polished, all-white décor inside. Despite its narrow entrance the space is surprisingly roomy. There are two floors for retailing, each is 60m and brightly lit. Stark, minimalist and bubbling with potential, it will be easy to set this space to work for your idea. The basement has a vaulted ceiling, the type that tends to characterise older buildings in the Marais. The famous Passage Molière is nearby, as is the busy Centre Pompidou itself. If this street isn’t as busy as some of the surrounding roads, it’s easy to reach from Rambuteau Metro station. Just think of ways to let people know you’re open. Your neighbours will include art galleries, Le Colonel Moutarde boutique and the concept store Anticafé.

460 day
2760 week
11040 month
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Home truths

Rental rates will change during certain times of the year, such as Paris Fashion Week.

Space rules

Special rate will apply during all the main events taking place in the French capital such as the Paris Fashion week.

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