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The streets of Châtelet are lined with stores and boutiques stocking every major French brand. Whether you’re browsing the underground shopping centre Forum des Halles or checking out the famous Rue de Rivoli, this is where all of Paris comes to shop. Test the waters for your own idea with this local shopshare. This store is an outlet for major brands like Diesel, Nike, Adidas and Calvin Klein. There are four types of spaces available to rent: - A wall on the ground floor complete with glass shelving (5m²) - A ground floor space with a window (60m²) - A space in the ready-to- wear section of the ground floor (55m²) - A space in the ready-to- wear section of the basement (33m²) This store is a 4-minute walk from the Louvre-Rivoli Metro and mainline station Chatelet-Les Halles and the area is popular with tourists and young buyers. If your idea is trend-led and appeals to a young audience, you’ll thrive here.

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This shop specialises in destocking major brands – think about how your idea can stand out in this environment.

Space rules
Les prix indiqués sur le listing sont ceux du mur. Les trois autres espaces disponibles sont aux tarifs suivants: Espace avec vitrine (60m²) : 460€/jour - 2300€/semaine - 7475€/mois Espace prêt-à-porter féminin (55m²) : 345€/jour - 1725€/semaine - 5738€/mois Espace prêt-à-porter masculin (33m²) : 172.50€/jour - 1150€/semaine - 4025€/mois

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