Boutique du Moulin Rouge

Batignolles, Paris

200 m2


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

Everyone has heard of the Moulin Rouge, one of Paris’s most infamous landmarks and entertainment venues. You’ll recognise the iconic, red windmill roof as soon as you arrive here in the Pigalle district. This is where tourists have traditionally come to see Paris ‘by night’ – with its history of bars, clubs and cabaret venues. Today it’s a little less raunchy, but just as popular. A few steps from the Moulin Rouge is this huge retail space, which is in a busy part of the neighbourhood. The space covers two floors – there’s lots of room for your idea, but you’ll need to put some work into transforming the space from its current state. With a kitchenette and numerous storage areas, it’s flexible and functional. Big, affordable or everyday brands like Celio or Camaieu tend to make this part of the city their home. Use original products and attractive displays to make your mark.

1 week minimum booking
300 day
2000 week
7000 month
23425 quarter
95000 year
Amenities (10 available)
Wheelchair accessible
Fitting rooms
Home truths

The space needs some work – speak to the landlord about working together on this.

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