Studio by Silentnight

15 Jan 2017

The story

Electrify Worldwide created the Studio Out the Box pop-up, an interactive world of rest to give people the chance to test Studio, the new mattress and bed pairing from Studio by Silentnight. At the Leonard Street pop-up, visitors were invited to swap their shoes for slippers and sink into an immersive walk-through experience. They created a topsy-turvy, multi-sensory dream world to help visitors understand more about their personal sleeping habits and discover the perfect bed for them. Over 300 people visited the pop-up, while over 1 million were exposed to the brand through passing footfall. By engaging bloggers and influencers in the experience, the pop-up’s social reach hit 2 million.



A multi-sensory experience by Electrify Worldwide to raise awareness for Studio, the new mattress and bed pairing from Studio by Silentnight


1 week on Leonard Street, Shoreditch


The Studio Out Of The Box pop-up had over 300 visitors, 200 new sales leads, 2 million social influencer reach in under 1 week


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