7 Jan 2017

The story

MADE decided to launch a pop-up in LinkStreet to raise brand awareness in Birmingham and increase their average order value online. Birmingham was a strong performing region for them, with the 3rd highest brand searches among UK cities but with the 3rd lowest AOV. During their pop-up, they were able to attract new customers to the brand and convert existing ones. 47% of visitors were just passing the pop-up and came in and 78% of the email addresses captured in-store were new to MADE. They also saw a 73% increase in online visits versus last year. From the 8,000 visitors, there was an overwhelmingly positive reaction to their designs and prices, which left MADE with many new fans.



Raise brand awareness in Birmingham and increase average order value online


A pop-up store in LinkStreet at the Bullring


8,000 visitors, 73% increase in online visits, 78% of email addresses captured were new to MADE


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