Love Cocoa

4 Nov 2016

The story

Founded by James Cadbury, the great-great-grandson of John Cadbury, Love Cocoa is an artisan chocolate brand which can be delivered straight through your letterbox. To raise awareness for his new venture, James decided to launch a week-long pop-up in Old Street station. With 70,000 people passing through the station each day, they were able to chat to thousands of passersby about their new chocolate bars. As well as seeing a huge spike in online visitors, sales went up by 200%. James also discovered there were plenty of people out there who wanted to get involved, whether it be investors, marketing people or even employees of Facebook.

Love Cocoa


Raise brand awareness for Love Cocoa.


One week in a high-profile location in Old Street station.


Thousands of people visit the stall. A huge spike in online visitors and a 200% increase in sales.

Love CocoaLove CocoaLove CocoaLove CocoaLove Cocoa

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