Beija Flor

16 Oct 2016

The story

Designers, entrepreneurs, sisters: Mazie and Abbie are the girls behind one of the most exciting lingerie brands to launch this year, Beija Flor. The girls wanted to get a little more intimate with their customers, so they set up shop for the summer on Calvert Avenue. Not only was the shop a huge success in terms of sales, which exceeded all expectations, but they also saw a sharp increase in sales online and interactions on social media. Most importantly, the store helped them develop their brand’s positioning and identify who their core customer is and what they want. They’re now looking for a second pop-up space in Soho.

Beija Flor


Identify their core customers


6 weeks on Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch


Exceeded all sales targets and discovered their key customers

Beija FlorBeija FlorBeija FlorBeija FlorBeija Flor

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